A New Generation in Drilling. Progressive. Responsible. Safe.

Established by veterans of the oil and gas industry, Evergreen Drilling’s roots are in the Illinois Basin and extend to the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continental regions of the United States.

At Evergreen Drilling, our concern for safety is reinforced with a full-time Safety Director and in-house training facility. Our company name, Evergreen, reflects our respect for the environment. Drilling is second-nature to us, but nature is number one.

With new rigs and the latest technology in our rotary fleet, Evergreen Drilling has “great iron” and great people; an experienced staff who work closely with our clients for a productive drilling experience. Ahead of the curve in horizontal drilling, we offer turn-key, all-inclusive service packages or day-rate options. Cutting-edge rigs, visionary groundbreakers and modern technologies, Evergreen Drilling is a leader in a new generation of drilling companies.


Employment Opportunities

Evergreen Drilling is always looking for great people. If you would like to join our team, download an application and return to us via email, postal service or in person.